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IT IS PAYING LTD Company number: #12859845

Main Office Address:

Oriel Buildings, 10 Margaret Street, London, England, W1W 8RL


  • Earn 12% referral commission from your direct downline investments

Why choose us?

Don't take unnecessary risks and choose the best passive investments in the market - legal company work, careful research of various financial markets, thoughtful intraday trading and high quality risk management - all this suggests that the company offers exactly what you need!
27 highly profitable automated trading systems
Many years of experience in the field of stock trading and trading
Stable profit for every investor
Diversification of the investment portfolio
Fast money transfer
Affiliate reward system
General compensation fund
Responsible approach of each specialist of the company

Meet Our Financial Management TEAM!

Hasan Beyler

Financial Director, mastermind and founder of the company

Mark Grove

Marketing Director, study of promising investment markets

Anthony Greenwood

Financial Advisor, inspirer of the investment platform

James Carlton

Multicurrency Trader, 10 years of practical experience in trade

Kim Reyes

Customer Support Specialist, caring for the company's clients and support

Max Grande

Trading Strategy Developer, current monitoring of trading exchanges

Ruairidh Muir

Technical Director, development and support of an investment platform

Ethel Bailey

Promo and Advertisement, work with advertising partners and monitors

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